'Hammered By The Blues' Burma Shave Poetry

The best gift costs nothing but dedicated mindfulness;

It lights up everyone's heart in virtuous righteousness;

It is a gift, freely given, that is most likely to be shared;

Kindness extended to all folk, declares that you cared!  



We celebrate as we did when we were young;

A simpler time with compassion and carols sung;

It is my wish we can recognize we are truly but ONE;

Let Peace, dignity, and Love embrace all under the sun!  



Yesterday and tomorrow don't shine like the here and now;

Soak it all up and bask in the moment, maximizin' the WOW;

Gratitude is a gift you give yourself that just keeps on givin';

Inspiring Peace and sharing the Love is most excellent Livin'!  



Believe, Hope, Persist and Rise;

Seek truth, deny self serving lies;

Kindness is the fuel driving the engine of Love;

Grace will fill the heart with glory from above!  


We can forge forward the hard way, or we can do it united;

Together we can't lose, any other approach is short sighted;

The choice is up to each of us to respect every individual’s heart;

Take a deep breath, letting emotions rest would be a very good start!  



It is said righteous indignation can initiate revolutions;

Plans and perseverance are needed to build institutions;

Effort expended without consensus is just a waste of energy;

We need to all come together to create change thru synergy!  



Change is constant, leavin' things not quite the same;

Don't fret about what was, learn how to play the game;

Change things you can, using the gifts you have been given;

Makin' our reality a better place is how we should be driven!  



It is so simple, but hard to navigate;

The path is shrouded in unclear fate;

It is all up to you, choose peace or strife;

Lead with your heart, on the journey of life!  



At the end of your journey the final tally is evident;

On how you learned the lessons in your time spent;

Were you driven by Love and compassion or greed and strife;

Granted the gift of choice, it is up to you to define your life!  



If we band together, like the One Family we began as;

We can overcome anything Evil's nefarious plan has;

Our actions will reveal a destiny written with all of us in mind;

How it unfolds in time untold is not guaranteed or yet defined! 



Our Dreams gain substance if we do the hard work;

Dedication and faith drive out fears where they lurk;

The steps we take today sets the foundation of tomorrow;

Our desires and ambitions will become our new status quo! 



In times of darkness, when even hope is out of our sight;

It's best to brighten the path with our Better Angels light;

Tempering our thoughts and actions to benefit the good of All;

Goes a long way to inspire peace, heeding Love's Clarion Call!  



If we just close our eyes and learn to 'see' with our hearts;

We'd benefit from absolute truth and the wisdom it imparts;

We'd judge not and prioritize the needs of ALL in our 'Boat';

I pray integrity and honor guides you as you cast your VOTE!  



This time and space needs support of every individual;

We get one chance to come together to act synchronal;

The miracle that happens lifts up All in mind and spirit;

Forging the joyous magnificence of humanity inherent!  



When your routine is shattered and nothin' is like it was;

Don't obsess on what doesn't work, focus on what does;

Pick up the pieces and build new habits that fit circumstances;

Findin' peace, Love and happiness as attitude surely enhances!  



Now under assault, truth has never been needed more;

A future of equal justice and opportunity is at the core;

If we can't maintain honor and integrity, we have lost our ways;

We must all stand together, in the mission to build better days!  



It's always darkest before the dawn, with spirit at low ebb;

With sunrise we are renewed, resuming spin to our life's web;

The challenge is to leave this day better off than it started;

Sharing joy and compassion, triumphant and whole hearted!  


Clean air and fresh water are essential for life;

Ain't no doubt or substitute to nurture wildlife; 

For a future of any kind, we got to work together;

Solutions to common problems must be the bellwether!



Honor and integrity can never be taken from you;

It can only be surrendered by what you say or do; 

When ‘truth’ is shaped by perception, we must judge by acts;

Our story is written by repetitive, historical, behavioral facts!



Kindness is a gift, empathy is a connection;

The cost is negligible, the reward confection; 

Joy multiplies between us, spreading from head to heart;

Tis simply restoring respect & giving peace a head start!



Change is a constant, desire is but a whim;

Attitude defines both, be it joyous or grim; 

Inspire positives with compassionate, intentional actions;

Avoid passing judgement, and other feckless distractions!



No matter the effort, you can't change folks' mind;

You can address Your view of 'em, attitude refined; 

If we can't agree on opinion, we can still embrace respect;

It's but a simple way to get along, peacefully circumspect!



I bear you no malice if we don't agree;

Respectful dialog will allow us both to see;

Differences foster baleful, petty and negative feelings;

Unlike joyful commonalities that bond us human beings!



I dreamed of a world built on honor and respect;

Where we care for our planet and life we protect;

This notion, fostered with childhood friends each day;

I cling to, in hope for all of us, as I grow older and gray!


The lessons we've learned we must practice to keep;

In this day and age you'll find, away they will creep;

If you want a better world for all children of tomorrow;

Act with kindness and love, not teach hatred and sorrow!



Restating lies louder don't bring 'em closer to the truth;

Divining for honesty may be the next fountain of youth;

At the very least the quest is the best way to spend time;

Sharing knowledge and love is mankind's best paradigm!



Personal peace is an individual, yet universal goal;

It defines hearts' actions and a calmness in our soul;

It is achieved thru love, empathy, compassion and respect;

Fear and hatred will subvert the dream when left unchecked!



We're blessed with family and stories to share;

Sometimes joyous, sometimes sadness to bear;

It's all part of a grand journey both infinite and short;

All defined by Love shared in tiny moments of import!



This time of year encourages us to end the strife;

Mend them fences, welcomin' all back into yer life;

Political differences are fodder for civil conversation;

Don't let it become a wedge separating all in our nation!



Gratitude is the foundation of your personal peace;

It fosters deep joy, causing exponential increase;

Sharing Love shines light on the magnificence of spirit;

Lift up all Souls to rejoice in our commonality inherent!



Our hearts will thrive thru Love shared;

When random act of kindness are dared;

When we all stand together the soul mends;

With empathy, WE are ONE, until time ends!



Choice comes from either impetulence or contemplation;

However predicated, there's no responsibility abdication;

Consider actions with care and all unintended consequence;

It defines how we move forward, in discord or concomitance!



Hatred confines you to a box, with no room to grow;

Echoing prevalent base lies to keep your spirit in tow;

Love shared fluidly with all, nurtures the heart and sets you free;

It's the simplest hard choice you'll make, defining who you will be! 


Time is the most precious, ephemeral gift we are given;

We invest it in pursuit of dreams, both restful and driven;

When all’s said and done and you reflect on choices made;

Peace is found in acts of compassion and Love conveyed! 



Simply put; what you think about, you will bring about;

You choose direction, then try hard to figure it all out;

Fear begets hatred, as sure as positivity creates peace;

Embrace joy, share Love, and feel your distress release! 



Truth is significantly more valuable than personal opinion;

Opinion repeated louder does not enter truth's dominion;

Sharing alternate facts doesn't contribute to honest discourse;

Confirm information to insure you become a reliable resource! 



We can exist with little, but balance is required to thrive;

Good deeds offset the bad ones, the latter you must shrive;

No matter what we do or who we are, whether positive or other;

Karma requires we live in harmony, caring for our Earth Mother! 



We crave culture, civility, compassion, and care;

Don't matter what we gotta do in order to get there;

We all learned how to get along as kids in the sandbox;

Differences are gifts, requiring respect in our toolbox! 



Politics and religion are but individually held opinion;

I ain't gonna waste time draggin' you into my dominion;

I choose to advocate ways in which we can work together;

With peace, love and understanding as mankind's treasure! 



Truth matters, it's the pillar of worthwhile relationships;

The propensity to lie is the worst of personal postscripts;

There is only one fool who actually believes the prevarication;

The initiating soul is full of caca and in dire need of purgation!  



When sellin' your opinion, arguin' your point of view;

Stick to the positive facts, beneficial to all, and true;

Persuasion is an art best practiced in the realm of reality;

Unless tryin' to change a mind with the cognition of a flea!  



Joy and peace thrive well in an absence of fear;

Fostering the best in us and those we hold dear;

The unknown is just that, and will be dealt with, in it's time;

Until then, don't fret, continue the plan, and onward, climb!  


Adversity and challenge do present opportunity;

Most often the best is we come together in unity;

The Human Spirit endures, much longer than history tells;

Each time the faithful get stronger, lifted up from dark wells!  



Knowledge is power and unified purpose defines;

It’s darkest of times when Humanity really shines;

Politics and prejudice fade when we embrace homogeneity;

The upside of a crisis is joyous serendipitous spontaneity!  



The path you walk reflects the truth in your soul;

Perception of the view shapes attitude as you stroll;

Peace or chaos is a choice you 'think' is out of your control;

But intentional step after step will take you to your goal!  



The more selflessly you give, the more ye shall reap;

Magnanimity is a simple concept, not a quantum leap;

It's the best way to leave this place better'n when ya found it;

It's a gift to self, of life well lived, while those in need benefit! 



Common sense ain't common, as documented in the news;

Some times ya gotta shake yer head 'n crank up them Blues;

I know it's not for enjoyment as you watch the dumb down dance;

But laughter is better for mental health, livin' with circumstance!  



One for all and all for one is a paradigm so sweet;

It would save us from a future, greedy and replete;

We're a species unique, struggling with the concept of 'One';

It's simple; joined together we win, stay separate we're done!  



Although we are 'One', motivations are across the board;

Some'll give the shirt off their back, others find need to hoard;

If you want to understand differences between the 'Us' and 'ME';

'ME's' obsess fear & hate,  'Ones' use Love for the good of 'We'!  



Peace is abundant, laying dormant in your heart;

To awaken it fully you must actively do your part;

Steadfast kindness, empathy, and compassion, are the keys;

Finding  joy in our common humanity is what Love guarantees!  



You woke up, opened your eyes and breathed today;

Be grateful 'cause you wouldn't want it any other way;

Gratitude's contagious, you should share it with all you meet;

The rewards are swift, soul healing with heartfelt joy replete!  


If you respect yourself, it's easy to respect others;

It surprises me many don't, when given their druthers;

It must've been forgotten we share one planet and one goal;

It takes selflessness and truth to cleanse the collective soul!  



My friends, we are bein' challenged by plague and hate;

We can persevere and overcome 'cause it ain't too late;

We must respect each other as sisters and brothers;

Caring for all like they're our Fathers and Mothers!  



Change rarely comes easy and is generally overdue;

It is testament to faith and persevering on through;

Blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice is always the price paid;

The faithful leading the charge, heart-strong and not afraid!  



We come into this world, without the stench of prejudice;

We're taught myths and biases, making truth incredulous;

With eyes wide open, courage and a compassionate heart;

We can transcend the hatred, giving Love a fresh start!  



Bringing Peace to your soul is a personal duty;

Calm your mind and be baptized in nature’s beauty;

Embrace music in your heart with compassionate proclivity;

You can change the world with Love, inspiring human dignity!  



The best way to foster change is offering a helping hand;

To make the world better using Love is a mission Grand;

We don't have to agree on opinions, just that we're all the same;

I'm sure we'll find many things in common, while playin' life's game!  



Satisfaction takes hold when responsibility is embraced;

Respect grows stronger in triumph when fears are faced;

It is what it is they always say, what is shall eternally be;

Apart we're adrift, but when united, together we are free!  



Accept your lessons with style and grace;

It's edifying, leavin' you in a better place;

An open mind always has room for wiser knowledge;

Makin' 'knocks' less hard as you attend life's college!  



Karma fills your fulcrum with positives and negatives;

Balance is maintained by following moral imperatives;

Learning from the sum total can help you on your quest;

Extending love & respect will always leave you blessed!  



Is your next step taken by choice or preordained;

It's the chicken or the egg paradigm totally sustained;

Throw off the chains you have created, let your soul fly;

Embracing true spiritual freedom without having to die!  



We struggle with circumstances while soaring with hope;

Tho' the travails of everyday can make it harder to cope;

Know true power comes from within, & Love is it's manifestation;

Fulfilling the dream for a better world, built on a solid foundation!  



If the tides rise and it's left up to you to save us all;

Will you stand up, heed the clarion and answer the call;

Mother Earth needs our help, as do folks in dire distress;

Open your heart with compassion, so Love will coalesce!  



Your future is as bright as you believe it will be;

It's about a plan and courage to work it, you see;

All the darkness is but illusion brought on by base fear;

Turn the negatives to positives and kick it into high gear!  



If you're measuring success by money, power, and stuff;

Your character is weak and your game ain't up to snuff;

True riches are found in Honor, Compassion, and Integrity;

Makin' the World inclusive for all will boost your prosperity!  



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