'Hammered By The Blues' 
Burma Shave Poetry

If motivation is driven by hatred and fear;

Comity is inconceivable and chaos is near;

Peace is not a circumstance, it is a state of mind;

Love is transcendental, easing the chains that bind!



It's the tiny things that are most satisfyingly significant;

They will inspire joy in your heart, true and magnificent;

If you harness the euphoria, passing it on to humankind;

The karma of Love will nourish, insuring peace of mind!



You can't succumb to hate with a heart full of gratitude;

Peace cleanses your spirit, inspiring respectful habitude;

What we could accomplish, free of anger, malice and fear;

Rising together with purpose, a bountiful future so clear!



Things are never the same, that is the promise of change;

If you find it not to your liking, either accept or rearrange;

At the heart of the matter you find you have complete control;

Perception is the guard rail influencing the health of your soul!


No matter what the challenge stay true to your ideals;

Stay between the ditches and keep rollin' them wheels;

Perseverance and determination will keep you in the fight;

Integrity and compassion insures your path is always right!



Your frame of reference is defined by attitude;

How you see things inspires either lows or altitude;

The choice is so simple, but execution can prove to be hard;

Choose love and compassion as your personal calling card!



The secret sauce on the ribs of life is gratitude;

That's the pure-D truth, not an empty platitude;

It inspires gracious hearts wherever your destination;

Makin' our world a better place thru simple causation!



All that there is, was and will be exists in the moment;

To be at peace in that instant is the best bestowment;

It's all we truly have, and the wellspring of noble desire;

A keystone of a Life well lived, moving your spirit higher!



Goals are but dreams with a deadline;

Make sure they're impactful, not benign;

Actions can make the future better than your past;

Integrity and compassion can insure that it will last!



I may not know you, and you may not know me;

Our views may coincide, or be far apart as can be;

But we can achieve much and move forward in unity;

If we extend mutual respect for benefit of community!



We dream of a future not dystopian;

Hopin' for harmony close to utopian;

Bypass differences, emphasize the common good;

We'll build a better world for all, just like we should!



Peace will rise when internal conflicts are reconciled;

When challenged, endure; always Bless when reviled;

Learn relentlessly, share with unshakable generosity;

Impart respectful dignity to imbue Love's reciprocity!


Music is the vehicle to soothe the savage breast;

This is a straight up fact to which we all can attest;

The message relates, informs, or plain speaks to your heart;

Support those artists that purvey, raisin' healing to an art!



When lookin' for the best way to influence the masses;

Just share the clear view thru your rose colored glasses;

With Love and Compassion applied we can keep it going;

Beauty is found everywhere you look with joy ever flowing!



Don't be distracted by the noise, follow your heart;

Extend respect universally and always do your part;

Be part of the solution, never create chaos or do any harm;

One Love One people One planet is in all ways the charm!



Our dreams must be larger than the day to day;

They provide the hope and orchestrate the way;

Much like integrity inspires us to live by the golden rule;

Makin' our journey magnificent and demonstrably Cool!



When the piper comes to collect his due;

Pull out the cash from your worn out shoe;

Offer to pay in full, if he grants you one desire;

One Love unifying mankind, to which we aspire!



As we review the details and analyze the past;

We come up with a simple fact destined to last;

No matter the obstacles it comes down to truth itself;

The biggest barrier to triumph is predominantly yourself!



The brightest path forward is full of real gratitude;

There is no better way to grow a positive attitude;

With soul shinin' bright, you can easily inspire the masses;

Sharin' the Love and your view from rose colored glasses!


The sun may be shinin' but there are bumps in the road;

Keep liftin' that bale and always keep the barge towed;

The direction is forward for the intrepid and the consistent;

As we teach mankind to Be kind and peacefully coexistent!



The way it's intended ain't about 'ME', it's about 'WE';

It's the only way for mankind to succeed, anyone can see;

We accomplish much and shine with universal open hearts;

Embracing inclusivity in progress and the wisdom it imparts!



LIVE Music is back, but we must be vigilant;

Be safe, be considerate and never belligerent;

We want to keep on keepin' on, totally safe and secure;

Whether by vaccination or mask, reflect you are mature!


To dream is one thing, to plan and achieve another;

We need to take steps to protect our Earth Mother;

She is elegant and unique, continuing to harbor us all;

To insure our future, it's time we heeded the clarion call!



No one can teach, but we all sure can learn;

Grace and Karma are gifts that we must earn;

Life itself has no meaning, it's purpose You create;

With a heart full of Love, your influence will be great!



If you do it right, you don't age, you mature with grace;

Balance living well with compassion, and refined pace;

The wisdom you acquire should be shared often and free;

With a heart filled with love, you'll become all you can be!



The road to a life well lived involves giving love away;

Whether to friends, strangers or foes, do it every day;

It cleanses the spirit and harvests reciprocity's reward;

It's a self fulfilling routine that brings all souls onboard!


We are but the sum total of our individual perceptions;

Both the utterly accurate as well as the misconceptions;

Fooling ourselves with 'truths' or creating comfortable lies;

Will define our path as neither prudent nor eminently wise!



We have all made choices contrary to our better knowin';

Focus not on where you've been but where you are goin';

Salvation is always forthcoming in the very next step taken;

Your spirit, co-eternal with the universe, continues unshaken!



As solid as granite and as sure as tomorrow;

As deep as the oceans, as high as Kilimanjaro;

The potential is boundless, no task beyond our power;

When we Love each other, Hope blooms like a flower!



Things are never static, that is the nature of change;

Whether joyous and expected, or awkward and strange;

It is an opportunity to grow, a gift from the Cosmic Way;

The modality of your response establishes crisis or play!



True joy is found in small gifts and in positive change;

Especially if it inspires our moral notions to rearrange;

We come into the world with no prejudice, naif and naive;

If Pure Love is our paradigm, imagine what we'll achieve!


The goodness in folks can be difficult to see;

Look deep in their hearts, that's were it will be;

Some days it shines bright, other days it is dimmer;

You'll always find hope, even if it's only a glimmer!



The joy of emerging hope is giddy indeed;

It fills your soul full, healing a heart in need;

Be grateful, appreciate it, then be sure to pass it along;

Sharing happiness with others elicits Love's sweet song!



If you must fabricate 'truth' to suit a notional narrative;

Try ideological detoxification for a healthy reparative;

Your fears will melt away, a new inner peace achieved;

Love will guide when serenity and grace are received!



At this age I find that my get up and go got up and went;

Steam's gone and my ramrod spine is stooped and bent;

My brain is foggy and sharp vision eludes my tired eyes;

But with endless gratitude, grit and happiness, still I rise!


Mindfulness is focused attention on the here and now;

It mutes cognizance of the past, future, of where and how;

Ending the cerebrations of regret and fear of what may be;

Will free your spirit to create peaceful ethos and serenity! 



Politics and Religion control the perceptions of the classes;

Control is power, demanding total allegiance of the masses;

They do not create unity, encouraging division and dissent;

Righteous rigid mindsets, will restrain evolutionary ascent! 



When faced with the insurmountable, it's not too hard;

Dismiss fear, step forward and gently drop your guard;

The way is always clearest when illusory doubts are scant;

Goals are won by confidence, or by not knowing you can't!



Mama always warned life is hard and not always fair;

Her advice was grow a tough hide and a resilient pair;

Don't take it too personal and always get up when you fall;

Love hard, fear nothing, don't stop and never dream small!


It's a new dawn, heralding a new year, whatcha gonna do;

Are you gonna hold onto the old or create a brand new you;

The path you walk is how you roll and should be cause for joy;

Here's wishin' sweet dreams come true for every girl and boy!



How we walk the path and treat those we engage;

Foments sublime joy as well as righteous outrage;

At times of moral choice, for the interest of clarity;

Simply put, your character will define your destiny!  



When you pay it forward, your soul will surely shine;

It will inspire others to do it too, so take it as a sign;

Kindness pays dividends that just can't be bought;

You'll feel love and happiness, just like you ought!  



Understanding each other creates the foundation;

Accepting each other generates harmonious vibration;

It presages the possibilities for the next quantum stride;

An evolution of human nature imbued with humble pride!  



The Quantum Theory of Metaphysics has firmly suggested;

That every point in space and time is intimately connected;

Every action has consequences beyond our comprehension;

We are not singular beings, we're part of the cosmic extension!  


The best gift costs nothing but dedicated mindfulness;

It lights up everyone's heart in virtuous righteousness;

It is a gift, freely given, that is most likely to be shared;

Kindness extended to all folk, declares that you cared!  



We celebrate as we did when we were young;

A simpler time with compassion and carols sung;

It is my wish we can recognize we are truly but ONE;

Let Peace, dignity, and Love embrace all under the sun!  



Yesterday and tomorrow don't shine like the here and now;

Soak it all up and bask in the moment, maximizin' the WOW;

Gratitude is a gift you give yourself that just keeps on givin';

Inspiring Peace and sharing the Love is most excellent Livin'!  



Believe, Hope, Persist and Rise;

Seek truth, deny self serving lies;

Kindness is the fuel driving the engine of Love;

Grace will fill the heart with glory from above!  


We can forge forward the hard way, or we can do it united;

Together we can't lose, any other approach is short sighted;

The choice is up to each of us to respect every individual’s heart;

Take a deep breath, letting emotions rest would be a very good start!  



It is said righteous indignation can initiate revolutions;

Plans and perseverance are needed to build institutions;

Effort expended without consensus is just a waste of energy;

We need to all come together to create change thru synergy!  



Change is constant, leavin' things not quite the same;

Don't fret about what was, learn how to play the game;

Change things you can, using the gifts you have been given;

Makin' our reality a better place is how we should be driven!  



It is so simple, but hard to navigate;

The path is shrouded in unclear fate;

It is all up to you, choose peace or strife;

Lead with your heart, on the journey of life!  



At the end of your journey the final tally is evident;

On how you learned the lessons in your time spent;

Were you driven by Love and compassion or greed and strife;

Granted the gift of choice, it is up to you to define your life!  



If we band together, like the One Family we began as;

We can overcome anything Evil's nefarious plan has;

Our actions will reveal a destiny written with all of us in mind;

How it unfolds in time untold is not guaranteed or yet defined! 



Our Dreams gain substance if we do the hard work;

Dedication and faith drive out fears where they lurk;

The steps we take today sets the foundation of tomorrow;

Our desires and ambitions will become our new status quo! 



In times of darkness, when even hope is out of our sight;

It's best to brighten the path with our Better Angels light;

Tempering our thoughts and actions to benefit the good of All;

Goes a long way to inspire peace, heeding Love's Clarion Call!  



If we just close our eyes and learn to 'see' with our hearts;

We'd benefit from absolute truth and the wisdom it imparts;

We'd judge not and prioritize the needs of ALL in our 'Boat';

I pray integrity and honor guides you as you cast your VOTE!  



This time and space needs support of every individual;

We get one chance to come together to act synchronal;

The miracle that happens lifts up All in mind and spirit;

Forging the joyous magnificence of humanity inherent!  



When your routine is shattered and nothin' is like it was;

Don't obsess on what doesn't work, focus on what does;

Pick up the pieces and build new habits that fit circumstances;

Findin' peace, Love and happiness as attitude surely enhances!  



Now under assault, truth has never been needed more;

A future of equal justice and opportunity is at the core;

If we can't maintain honor and integrity, we have lost our ways;

We must all stand together, in the mission to build better days!  



It's always darkest before the dawn, with spirit at low ebb;

With sunrise we are renewed, resuming spin to our life's web;

The challenge is to leave this day better off than it started;

Sharing joy and compassion, triumphant and whole hearted!  


Clean air and fresh water are essential for life;

Ain't no doubt or substitute to nurture wildlife; 

For a future of any kind, we got to work together;

Solutions to common problems must be the bellwether!



Honor and integrity can never be taken from you;

It can only be surrendered by what you say or do; 

When ‘truth’ is shaped by perception, we must judge by acts;

Our story is written by repetitive, historical, behavioral facts!



Kindness is a gift, empathy is a connection;

The cost is negligible, the reward confection; 

Joy multiplies between us, spreading from head to heart;

Tis simply restoring respect & giving peace a head start!



Change is a constant, desire is but a whim;

Attitude defines both, be it joyous or grim; 

Inspire positives with compassionate, intentional actions;

Avoid passing judgement, and other feckless distractions!



No matter the effort, you can't change folks' mind;

You can address Your view of 'em, attitude refined; 

If we can't agree on opinion, we can still embrace respect;

It's but a simple way to get along, peacefully circumspect!



I bear you no malice if we don't agree;

Respectful dialog will allow us both to see;

Differences foster baleful, petty and negative feelings;

Unlike joyful commonalities that bond us human beings!



I dreamed of a world built on honor and respect;

Where we care for our planet and life we protect;

This notion, fostered with childhood friends each day;

I cling to, in hope for all of us, as I grow older and gray!


The lessons we've learned we must practice to keep;

In this day and age you'll find, away they will creep;

If you want a better world for all children of tomorrow;

Act with kindness and love, not teach hatred and sorrow!



Restating lies louder don't bring 'em closer to the truth;

Divining for honesty may be the next fountain of youth;

At the very least the quest is the best way to spend time;

Sharing knowledge and love is mankind's best paradigm!



Personal peace is an individual, yet universal goal;

It defines hearts' actions and a calmness in our soul;

It is achieved thru love, empathy, compassion and respect;

Fear and hatred will subvert the dream when left unchecked!



We're blessed with family and stories to share;

Sometimes joyous, sometimes sadness to bear;

It's all part of a grand journey both infinite and short;

All defined by Love shared in tiny moments of import!



This time of year encourages us to end the strife;

Mend them fences, welcomin' all back into yer life;

Political differences are fodder for civil conversation;

Don't let it become a wedge separating all in our nation!



Gratitude is the foundation of your personal peace;

It fosters deep joy, causing exponential increase;

Sharing Love shines light on the magnificence of spirit;

Lift up all Souls to rejoice in our commonality inherent!



Our hearts will thrive thru Love shared;

When random act of kindness are dared;

When we all stand together the soul mends;

With empathy, WE are ONE, until time ends!



Choice comes from either impetulence or contemplation;

However predicated, there's no responsibility abdication;

Consider actions with care and all unintended consequence;

It defines how we move forward, in discord or concomitance!



Hatred confines you to a box, with no room to grow;

Echoing prevalent base lies to keep your spirit in tow;

Love shared fluidly with all, nurtures the heart and sets you free;

It's the simplest hard choice you'll make, defining who you will be! 


Time is the most precious, ephemeral gift we are given;

We invest it in pursuit of dreams, both restful and driven;

When all’s said and done and you reflect on choices made;

Peace is found in acts of compassion and Love conveyed! 



Simply put; what you think about, you will bring about;

You choose direction, then try hard to figure it all out;

Fear begets hatred, as sure as positivity creates peace;

Embrace joy, share Love, and feel your distress release! 



Truth is significantly more valuable than personal opinion;

Opinion repeated louder does not enter truth's dominion;

Sharing alternate facts doesn't contribute to honest discourse;

Confirm information to insure you become a reliable resource! 



We can exist with little, but balance is required to thrive;

Good deeds offset the bad ones, the latter you must shrive;

No matter what we do or who we are, whether positive or other;

Karma requires we live in harmony, caring for our Earth Mother! 



We crave culture, civility, compassion, and care;

Don't matter what we gotta do in order to get there;

We all learned how to get along as kids in the sandbox;

Differences are gifts, requiring respect in our toolbox! 



Politics and religion are but individually held opinion;

I ain't gonna waste time draggin' you into my dominion;

I choose to advocate ways in which we can work together;

With peace, love and understanding as mankind's treasure! 



Truth matters, it's the pillar of worthwhile relationships;

The propensity to lie is the worst of personal postscripts;

There is only one fool who actually believes the prevarication;

The initiating soul is full of caca and in dire need of purgation!  



When sellin' your opinion, arguin' your point of view;

Stick to the positive facts, beneficial to all, and true;

Persuasion is an art best practiced in the realm of reality;

Unless tryin' to change a mind with the cognition of a flea!  



Joy and peace thrive well in an absence of fear;

Fostering the best in us and those we hold dear;

The unknown is just that, and will be dealt with, in it's time;

Until then, don't fret, continue the plan, and onward, climb!  


Adversity and challenge do present opportunity;

Most often the best is we come together in unity;

The Human Spirit endures, much longer than history tells;

Each time the faithful get stronger, lifted up from dark wells!  



Knowledge is power and unified purpose defines;

It’s darkest of times when Humanity really shines;

Politics and prejudice fade when we embrace homogeneity;

The upside of a crisis is joyous serendipitous spontaneity!  



The path you walk reflects the truth in your soul;

Perception of the view shapes attitude as you stroll;

Peace or chaos is a choice you 'think' is out of your control;

But intentional step after step will take you to your goal!  



The more selflessly you give, the more ye shall reap;

Magnanimity is a simple concept, not a quantum leap;

It's the best way to leave this place better'n when ya found it;

It's a gift to self, of life well lived, while those in need benefit! 



Common sense ain't common, as documented in the news;

Some times ya gotta shake yer head 'n crank up them Blues;

I know it's not for enjoyment as you watch the dumb down dance;

But laughter is better for mental health, livin' with circumstance!  



One for all and all for one is a paradigm so sweet;

It would save us from a future, greedy and replete;

We're a species unique, struggling with the concept of 'One';

It's simple; joined together we win, stay separate we're done!  



Although we are 'One', motivations are across the board;

Some'll give the shirt off their back, others find need to hoard;

If you want to understand differences between the 'Us' and 'ME';

'ME's' obsess fear & hate,  'Ones' use Love for the good of 'We'!  



Peace is abundant, laying dormant in your heart;

To awaken it fully you must actively do your part;

Steadfast kindness, empathy, and compassion, are the keys;

Finding  joy in our common humanity is what Love guarantees!  



You woke up, opened your eyes and breathed today;

Be grateful 'cause you wouldn't want it any other way;

Gratitude's contagious, you should share it with all you meet;

The rewards are swift, soul healing with heartfelt joy replete!  


If you respect yourself, it's easy to respect others;

It surprises me many don't, when given their druthers;

It must've been forgotten we share one planet and one goal;

It takes selflessness and truth to cleanse the collective soul!  



My friends, we are bein' challenged by plague and hate;

We can persevere and overcome 'cause it ain't too late;

We must respect each other as sisters and brothers;

Caring for all like they're our Fathers and Mothers!  



Change rarely comes easy and is generally overdue;

It is testament to faith and persevering on through;

Blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice is always the price paid;

The faithful leading the charge, heart-strong and not afraid!  



We come into this world, without the stench of prejudice;

We're taught myths and biases, making truth incredulous;

With eyes wide open, courage and a compassionate heart;

We can transcend the hatred, giving Love a fresh start!  



Bringing Peace to your soul is a personal duty;

Calm your mind and be baptized in nature’s beauty;

Embrace music in your heart with compassionate proclivity;

You can change the world with Love, inspiring human dignity!  



The best way to foster change is offering a helping hand;

To make the world better using Love is a mission Grand;

We don't have to agree on opinions, just that we're all the same;

I'm sure we'll find many things in common, while playin' life's game!  



Satisfaction takes hold when responsibility is embraced;

Respect grows stronger in triumph when fears are faced;

It is what it is they always say, what is shall eternally be;

Apart we're adrift, but when united, together we are free!  



Accept your lessons with style and grace;

It's edifying, leavin' you in a better place;

An open mind always has room for wiser knowledge;

Makin' 'knocks' less hard as you attend life's college!  



Karma fills your fulcrum with positives and negatives;

Balance is maintained by following moral imperatives;

Learning from the sum total can help you on your quest;

Extending love & respect will always leave you blessed!  



Is your next step taken by choice or preordained;

It's the chicken or the egg paradigm totally sustained;

Throw off the chains you have created, let your soul fly;

Embracing true spiritual freedom without having to die!  



We struggle with circumstances while soaring with hope;

Tho' the travails of everyday can make it harder to cope;

Know true power comes from within, & Love is it's manifestation;

Fulfilling the dream for a better world, built on a solid foundation!  



If the tides rise and it's left up to you to save us all;

Will you stand up, heed the clarion and answer the call;

Mother Earth needs our help, as do folks in dire distress;

Open your heart with compassion, so Love will coalesce!  



Your future is as bright as you believe it will be;

It's about a plan and courage to work it, you see;

All the darkness is but illusion brought on by base fear;

Turn the negatives to positives and kick it into high gear!  



If you're measuring success by money, power, and stuff;

Your character is weak and your game ain't up to snuff;

True riches are found in Honor, Compassion, and Integrity;

Makin' the World inclusive for all will boost your prosperity!  


In trying times, have faith in your sisters and brothers;

With respect, share the love for all fathers and mothers;

We pray for the day when mankind understands we are all One;

Make respectful compassion our mantra for peace under the sun!



There is magic in our hearts, share it with all;

There is joy to be spread, heed the season's call;

Practice random acts of kindness, inspired by grace above;

Change the world with the undeniable power of pure love!



Don't espouse resolutions, just commit to change;

Imagine goals with purpose and priority arranged;

What you think about you will bring about with a bit of grit;

The new you looks good on you, once your old habits are quit!



If yer still learnin', you're still growin';

If you're still growin', life is still flowin';

The path ahead might not be as long as the path behind;

Just keep steppin' side by side with the rest of mankind!



It is all very transitory, designed to be enjoyed right now;

Don't waste time regretin' the past or sweatin' future how;

Life tickles your palate after the lips, yet before you swallow;

Savor moments before they're gone leavin' you sad and hollow!



Modern politics practiced seems to divide;

Civility withers as alternative facts misguide;

Truth is black and white, not differing shades of gray;

Common goals, simple solutions insure we win the day!



If you end up again somewhere you don't wanna be; 

You may realize your old tricks are no longer the key;

To learn from mistakes you must work a better plan;

Kick the old you to the curb and stand up like a man!



Some folks rely on luck, others on pure-d skill;

Serendipity’s OK but solid talent will always kill;

Work your craft, woodshed some more and then repeat;

The rewards will be evident and success will taste sweet!



Fear in general; of loss, of 'different', or even of change;

Is so unnecessary, moving you right into hatred's range;

We simply gotta live together, progressin' forward as one;

Trade fear for love 'n respect to preserve our future's run!



If your narrative is filled with vitriol and derision;

It's an indication that you need a spiritual revision;

Your time here is short, don't waste it disrespectful and hatin';

Rejoice in your ride, replete with compassion and appreciatin'!



Are you driven by fears or by positive inspiration;

What occupies your thoughts becomes your narration;

That dialog influences your world for good or for bad;

You can choose to uplift with love, or be stagnantly sad!



Hatred and fear spreads with the speed of a hurricane;

Twisting truth to suit ideology, inspiring anger and pain;

Love and compassion builds trust at a slower, steadier pace;

Creating bonds of understanding throughout the human race!



Our time here is a beautiful gift, although painfully finite;

We strive, learn and create, hopefully impacting bright;

Our life is defined in memories carried by loved ones we touch;

It's communion of joy in our simple journey, cherished so much!



It is very difficult to teach, but we all naturally learn;

We're the sum of our perceptions of which we discern;

We are who we are, sewing chaos or peace, along the way;

Either part of the problem or part of the fix at the end of day!



Reasonable folks can disagree on issues of the day;

It's commonsensible to foster respect with 'us' vs 'they';

When it's all said and done, it's about the commonality of 'we';

One Planet, One People, One Love when we become hatred free!



It's a good day when you arise fully aware;

Grateful for your gifts that you freely share;

But it's a great day when challenged to rise above;

By responding to hatred with compassion and love!



There ain't no secret in how to build a good life;

It starts with respect and avoiding petty strife;

It all comes full circle when gratitude is your guide;

Allow compassion for all mankind nourish your pride!



Sadly we live in a time where truth is attacked; 

We're prone to accept memes not factually backed;

It's time to renew respectful communication one on one;

Adopting reasonable compromise that embraces everyone!


If you come to a crossroads, compelled to choose;

Embrace your core values, and you'll never loose; 

Choices are easy to make but hard to follow thru on;

It takes grit and integrity, flexin' determination brawn!



Why moan and complain about the status quo;

Start initiatin' positive change and make it so;  

Good deeds are like antibiotics to convert the hate; 

Sowing seeds of holistic love at an exponential rate! 



Forgiveness ain't for them, it is for you;

In the first step of healing, spirits renew; 

With emotional weight shed, you're free to proceed;

On your glorious journey, joyful, enlightened 'n freed!



Just do your best and be proud, that was the goal;

It's a sure way to dig out of a dark emotional hole; 

Joy is to be claimed with every step and at each breath taken;

Spreading happiness and preachin' peace with faith unshaken!



There is always sun on either side of rain;

The path is crazy at times, but mostly sane; 

If overwhelmed, just step back and slowly exhale;

You'll find it's the best way to take life at full sail!



Joy lives in the heart, worry lives in the head;

Feed your heart blessin's when you hit the bed; 

The brain will follow when you start the day renewed;

Grow interest in karma's bank, good tidings accrued!



You can step forward, just hold tight, or retreat;

You can honor truth, respect all, or you can cheat; 

The path you choose today dictates how your story ends;

Spred joy 'n share your heart, while your spirit transcends!



Of all the gifts given to us, two are most excellent;

Their power and truth, overwhelmingly most evident; 

They encourage your courage and steel your resolution;

Fearless Hope & Unconditional Love sustains evolution!



The summer may be short, but it's part of a larger scheme;

It provides comfort, and perchance, opportunity to dream; 

Don't waste time, invest in the notion of keepin' the blues alive;

‘Cause all together, just you's and me, can insure it will survive!



A journey with courage, compassion, and joy;

Ripe with satisfaction and good will to deploy; 

Nourishes the spirit, and fosters positivity in all you meet;

Leavin' things better'n when ya found 'em, in a heartbeat!



Don't ditch your morals for some perceived gain;

Your heart will speak truth to an overloaded brain; 

Compassion and love shared without concern of cost;

Shines light on our journey without your humanity lost!



You don't have to struggle to find gratitude;

It's the heart and soul of a positive attitude; 

If you embrace the gift of the next breath taken;

And disseminate love from the moment you awaken!



Opinions should foment simple, honest debate;

Not denigrate, defile, or exhort wanton hate; 

If the premise is insulting, the opinion lacks validity;

Fueled by emotion not fact, illustrating base acridity!



The older I get, the more I'm prone to loudly declare;

Opinions are unique, the stuff you're inspired to share; 

The goal is not to change the views or position of others;

It's comfort and support extended to Sisters and Brothers!



The cacophony becomes deafening each & every day;

Ain't nothin' to see, nothin' to learn, & nothin' left to say; 

Political noise inflates fears unfounded, drivin' us apart;

Working together is best to calm the storms of the heart!



The problem is you can fool too many way too often;

The results are that hard truth just begins to soften; 

They're dumbing us down, sellin' snake oil to the masses;

Embrace common sense and view with skeptic's glasses!



I dream of a world where we understand priority;

With respect pandemic, and 'one for all' a warranty; 

Where stewardship of a healthy Mother Earth is job one;

Insuring clean air and water for all tomorrows under the sun!



We learned inclusive respect and sharing in the sandbox;

We learned truth and integrity in the school of hard knocks; 

Somewhere along the way some folks abandoned these tools;

Please recapture youthful wisdom and live by the golden rules!



Success is grand accomplishment without concern for cost;

Courage is selflessly doin' the right thing, even if all is lost; 

Since we are but one people, in this only place we can exist;

We best all come together if we expect our planet to persist!



Music takes you away from the daily strife;

It reinforces the positive good things in life; 

It heals the pains and bridges the colloquial gap;

It's our common ground, a peace filled road map!


Sometimes the best laid plans crash and go awry;

The flu may kick our ass; hopin' we curl up and die;

The world ain't always our oyster and our luck may even fail;

But gettin' up beats the alternative of slippin' beyond the pale!



I believe we all 'got' simple math in elementary schools;

Odd that politicians, pundits and opines think we're fools;

One side says 1 and 1 is 2.5, the other swears it is one and a half;

Truth remains in the middle, don't ever put stock their fuzzy math!



The grand success of progress is insured at the start;

It's initiative, integrity and drive, not your plans, so smart;

If ya got the gumption to find your purpose, and achieve your goal;

It don't matter how messy the journey if you remain true to your soul!



Man's inhumanity seems more prevalent as society ages;

It is a sign of greed driven bent, that races to end stages;

Remember all life is a gift, to loudly defend and deeply cherish;

Lest we sell our humanity cheap and without a whisper, perish!



Shining a light on controversy, the cause is mostly the same;

Applying common wisdom just doesn't assign correct blame;

The opinions of human beings are based on emotional evolution;

While technology has passed us by, overwhelming our resolution!



Some days it seems like fate conspires against us;

It may confound, frustrate and inspire us to cuss;

That's when the three steps forward require one step back;

Embrace the zen of perspective, peacefully keepin' on track!



Strap yourself in, seize all control and plan the ride;

It's your road, whether up and down or side to side;

It is completely up to you to define the lessons learned;

With integrity and compassion, reap the wisdom earned!



Chaos always rains down in our agitated world;

Don't let it define and make you fetally curled;

No matter the maelstrom, peace is always intimately near;

With a heart filled with love, compassion and absence of fear!



Make time to shut down the computer, turn off the phone;

Consider it an old school mental health day in a peace zone;

They say 'No news is good news', and today that's particularly true;

It is the best way to refresh, recover, and adjust perspective anew!



Spring is a time of cleansing rebirth;

For us individuals as well as the earth;

Plant seeds of empathy to foster understanding;

Nurture compassion while your love is expanding!



Don't take the bait from meme's posted on the net;

Whatever the subject, it's designed to justify or upset;

Dulling desire for truth and shorten your attention span;

Keeping us divided, numb and programmed like a caveman!



Joy grows from a seed, nurtured by the music you love;

It magically converts the negatives you must dispose of;

Sharing with others and spreading harmony is the best gift;

Creating happiness and soulful tranquility, a spiritual up lift!



It’s said that what you think about;

Is exactly what you will bring about;

Intentional living will breathe life into your belief;

Change the world, share the love, bestow relief!



When love's freely offered with no intention of harms;

It Influences the intractable and peacefully disarms;

It's a start that basks two souls in a light from above;

Pass it on to spread peace that we all can be part of!



Truth can't be constructed, opinion based, or fabricated;

Even tho in social media 'alternate facts' are celebrated;

We need to rise above and accept realities inconvenient;

Embracing our basic similarities to dispel disagreement!



If you wanna make a change, better start now;

Don't wait for a moment or be slowed by how;

Avoid the stagnation while analyzing your plan;

Go with love in your heart, applyin’ gentle hand!



Hang on to the lessons learned in the sandbox;

Don't eat the wet sand and never throw rocks;

Build what you dream, don't stop ‘til completed;

And treat all kids just like you wanna be treated!



Time is a nonrenewable commodity that always is spent;

Don't prioritize and you'll wonder where the heck it went;

All things can be accomplished if you stick to a plan true;

Take one step at a time all the time to insure diligence due!



If you believe the path thru your life is unfairly tough;

YOU chose the direction to learn when enough's enough; 
You can only move forward when your lesson is learned; 

Otherwise you'll repeat mistakes without serenity earned!



If, at the end of your long journey, you come to find;

Service to others was always at the top of your mind; 
With generosity, kindness in your heart, and mistakes rectified; 

You've lived your life well; ascend with honor, peace and pride!



If someone were to judge human evolution so far;

It’d shock ‘em we’ve managed to get where we are; 
The first nonnegotiable rule of a self aware creature; 

Respect ALL life before self, with love as your teacher!



In today’s world, our expectations are rarely met;

Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes not, it's a safe bet; 
Know in the Grand Scheme there's a balance for us pawn; 

Simply go with the flow, your OK, Stay Calm and Carry On!



You can't fight politics and you can't change religion;

You CAN find common ground to help end division; 

After all, if you don't do it, heaven knows 'they' won't;

Get along, evolve, thrive together in peace;..or don't!



As you travel this life, eyes open wide;

Let honor and integrity be your guide;  

Don't be hobbled by fear or the hatred it creates;

Soar with One Love, shedding prejudice's weights!



It ain't words that sound honest and true;

It's actions and facts that define true blue;   

What you hear and read may be self serving lies; 

Relax, trust your heart, keepin' eyes on the prize!



It 's not about 'you', it's all about 'US';

We're all passengers on a worldwide bus;   

We gotta get along in case that 'bus' breaks down; 

The only way forward is embracin' common ground!



With time, folks will forget the lies that you tell;

They will even forgive evil deeds deserving Hell;  

The one thing that defines, what they won't forget;

Is how you make 'em feel; whether joyous or upset!



A self-aware being will establish values as a guide;

Whether open to possibilities or trapped by fear inside;  

The choice is singular, neither all right nor entirely wrong;

The world created is either One Love or a cliquish throng!



Love and Hate are reactions to our world's view;

It's determined by our attitude, as if right on cue;  

What influences that sentiment is either fear or gratitude;

Soar thru life with pure joy or build hard walls to exclude!



Pop always said there's more horses asses than horses;

Advising folks possessing common sense to join forces;   

Since one step forward with two steps back ain't efficient; 

Avoid the stray asses and rise above the fray, omniscient!



So reasonable folks will disagree on issues, that's true;

Both may've honorable perceptions but contrary view;   

We must reconcile without fear at the end of the day; 

Diffuse barbed issues, simple compromise is the way!



Don't be part of the problem, take a role in the solution;

Share the love, extend respect, and make a contribution;   

We are all in this together, on a tiny speck in the universe; 

We either advance together in unity, or abortively disperse!



If you complained today, you just wasted your time;

If you were grateful today, you embraced joy sublime;  

When you commit an act of kindness, without getting caught;

The world becomes brighter, spreading the good that you got!



You can't accept inclusion, if you base your conclusions on fear;

Neither fight nor flight inspire peace, love or understanding here;

Makin' things better while hangin' in this time and in this place;

Requires practicin' selfless kindness; with the serenity you embrace!



We live in a time where the truth never seems clear;

It is a rare and precious thing, obviously very dear;

The value is sterling, it's desirability and pursuit is paramount;

It is more important than ever to embrace and never discount!



Delivered loud and consistent, lies are embraced as fact;

Detail fades quickly as the news cycle is carefully stacked;

Inquiring minds now accept 'facts', alternative and self serving;

Taking in just enough information to make ignorance deserving!


The best 'arrow' in our Character Quiver is tolerance;

It is an effective tool to overcome our base ignorance;

We can't be expected to understand everyone's intention;

But we can 'live and let live', engaging in hate abstention!



You'd do best to trade out your fear for curiosity;

It helps your heart exfoliate unattractive callosity;

You'll be amazed to discover what we can achieve together;

Breaking the cycle of prejudice, cutting loose hatred's tether!



It seems as tho our differences separate us;

As we berate, isolate and create a big fuss;

We should not feel attacked, as if it's a personal issue;

Seize opportunities to unite, compromise and continue!



Real Peace is not just the absence of strife;

It is heartfelt love 'n respect for EVERY life;

It's tough to embrace if you heed fear's clarion call;

Work for a better US, and tear down hatred's wall!



Be true to your cause, but don't beat a dead horse;

Learn to abide, reconcile and move on, of course;

All things have purpose, and end up just as they should;

Serenity thru acceptance and wisdom makes it all good!



Truth is always Truth, but common sense is rare;

It needs to be nurtured with practice and care;

We know what we likes, we need to spread it around;

With respect and One Love, universal kindness is found!



Shared Love creates joy and don't cost a thing;

It warms all folks hearts and makes souls sing;

It ain't just for the season, it's but a simple way to live;

In the end, the joy received is equal to the Love you give!



When dreams require life imbued; 

You must gird your loins and collude; 

Tap all resources and forge relentlessly ahead; 

Until your success is demonstrably widespread!



Honor and integrity will wash away sins of the past;

It ain't what you've done, it's about direction recast;

The path is full of conflicts, and we all have feet of clay;

But character defines you, guiding you safely on the way!